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Red Leaves



Join one of our scheduled multi-day trips throughout Western Canada.  These trips are designed to provide a variety of experiences from life-enhancing wilderness adventures to memorable cultural experiences and exquisite dining.  In addition, your guide will throw in many extras and surprises to enhance the experience.

These trips run between 5 and 11 days in duration and are designed to be adaptable in order to adjust to inclement weather, forest fire smoke, and other challenges.  For example, we may be booked to canoe along the shores of Kootenay Lake but the winds are too high, so we change plans and drive in our 4x4 to the summit of a local peak to walk to a fire lookout, or perhaps its a day exploring the shops and art of Kaslo or perhaps we shift our location entirely if the weather is poor for an extended period and head to another region.  All in all, each trip is designed to provide the most meaningful and memorable experience. Accommodation is primarily in hotels, and country Inns but also may include a night or two in the great outdoors.

Your guide, accredited with the Interpretive Guides Association, brings over 30 years of guiding experience and organizing group tours in North America and throughout Europe. In addition, your guide is trained in Nature and Forest Therapy, stress therapy, and over 20 years as a life coach to dozens of individuals.

Your experience will not only include traveling through the incredible beauty of nature but will also incorporate the richness and culture and cuisine of the local region.

We believe that some of the most valuable things we humans have in life are our experiences of wonder, awe, connection, and even challenge.

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