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How anybody can enhance their intuition.

Anybody can regain or enhance their intuitive skills. And the key to doing this is letting go of a perfectionist mind set and being prepared to fail. It is much easier to say this than to do it, as is often the case with things we need to do but don't, because of certain fears.

In order to enhance intuition you need to take risks that cause the ego "voice" to raise fear alarms and the intuitive voice to provide clear direction. The skill that gets developed is the ability to decipher between the ego voice and the intuitive voice. This is not easy to do at first if you have been disconnected from your intuitive side. When you learn to decipher the two voices easier and follow the direction of the intuitive voice then you will recieve positive affirmations regarding your choices and as a result your intuition is enhanced through conditioning. Like a muscle needs to be exercised, do does practicing making choices that go against your ego side.

I coach have coached many people through this process so they become more connected with their surrounding environment. I help enhance all 5 senses first and then when they are all open we go to the next step of connection with the natural environement aroudn us.

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