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Why getting outside gives you the edge in life

I am currently sitting outside on a somewhat cool day in my little packable chair overlooking a small frozen lake off. In the distance, a woodpecker drums out it's morning song and off in the distance, there is a response.

My senses are heightened, and I am aware of my surroundings. This results in having a greater ability to see beauty in my environment. When we see beauty, we become inspired. That's the fuel for creativity, and the killer of creativity is stress. It takes the fuel from the tank of creativity and it's calm and connection, particularly nature, that fills up the tank. We do ourselves an incredible disservice when we try to find solutions for the problems in our relationships or in our businesses when we are stressed and the problem with that is that when we are stressed, we have less of a fuel tank of creativity to access. So in order to come up with solutions that are win-win, one needs to quiet the mind and a place where one can do that is by just going out into nature.

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