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Our Approach

Original Path provides education, guidance, and empowerment through several programs that answer the growing need in our global populations to reconnect with the natural environment (which also includes ourselves and each other).  We embrace and practice traditional beliefs born and held within and upon this land by its long-term inhabitants and which have governed human life here for over 15,000 years. 

Original Path supports people to remember and reconnect with nature and its inhabitants by exposing the gateways to a nature reconnection through the use of Nature and Forest Therapy (otherwise known as Shinrin Yoku in Japan) and other similar programs.  These methods allow people to open up, recognize, build a relationship with, and ultimately take in all the healing qualities of nature.  Participants share their experiences during the sessions.  The entire program supports mental, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual health in a single 3-hour session.

Our demographic is a mixture of the 20-45 age group, C-Suite executives, and those experiencing chronic anxiety in their life.


Our WHY is to support the population in healing its collective mental health through

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