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About Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku) is recognized for the several positive physiological and psychological benefits that result from practicing it.  Private Forest Therapy walks provide an opportunity to experience this.

Originally developed in Japan in the 1980s to help support a mental health crisis in the country, It has since become one of the main modalities for mental and physical wellness in Japan and is growing in popularity throughout the world.

Benefits of Forest Bathing

Lower Blood Pressure*

Forest Bathing reduces blood pressure. Studies have shown drops of up to 12% and lasting up to 24 hours and typically realized within just 30 minutes.

Increase In NK Cell Production*

We breath in essential oils called Phytoncides,  when we walk in the forest.  These enhance production of Natural Killer cells that help our bodies to fight disease including cancer.

Reduced Brain Fog*

Participants in studies have reported reduced brain fog and more clarity when when exploring choices.

Improved Memory*

Participants in studies have reported improved short and long term memory and recall.

Lower Cortisol and Adrenaline Levels*

Forest Bathing can lead to a 12% decrease in  cortisol, There are also noticeable drops in adrenalinem

Reduced Anxiety And Depression*

When we walk in the forest and breath in Phytoncides, we almost always will experience reduced anxiety and feelings of depression. Participants in Forest Bathing report improved moods.

Boosted Immunity*

Increased NK cell activity and production results in improved immunity providing a better defense against disease. 

Reduced Inflammation*

Studies show a reduction in inflammation after exposure to a natural environment.

Reduced Heart Rate*

Because the practice of Forest Bathing calms our nervous systems and delivers us into our parasympathetic nervous system, , there is a natural drop in heart rate.

Improved Quality and Duration Of Sleep*

Participants in studies on Forest Bathing have reported improved sleep including quality and duration and longer periods in the REM state of sleep.

PTSD Relief*

Because the practice of Forest Bathing moves us into our parasympathetic nervous system, we have a resulting drop in stress and symptoms related to PTSD.

Improved Concentration*

Participants report improved concentration and clarity.

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