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Hiking in Forest

Intro to safe travel in the Rocky Mountains

Join us for an evening followed by a day of learning all you need to start traveling safely in the Natural regions around Calgary.

We first meet on an evening for a 3-hour education seminar that will teach you and your family, friends, or employees, the A to Z of how to experience the incredible wilderness areas around us. This is a fun night as well with audience participation.  This is followed up a week later with a guided day trip to a location in Kananaskis Country or similar.

  • You will learn what to wear and what type of equipment to carry including the contents of first aid and repair kits.

  • You will learn about the types of animals found in the region and how to deal with situations that may arise.

  • You will learn about how to deal with the weather and prepare for it.

  • You will learn about food and hydration.

  • You will learn basic emergency solutions and what to do in case of an accident.

  • You will learn where to go and where to find people to go with 

  • You will learn basic navigation as well as receive several tips to keep you comfortable in the wilderness.

This program is for adults and youth (over the age of 8).

You will need to arrange to transport yourself to the trailhead however groups may wish to be transported in vans and buses, which can be arranged when appropriate.

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