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Learn how to free yourself from anxieties

We live in a time where there is a significant number of programs and research that indicate the extreme harmful effects of anxiety and stress on our bodies and minds. There are so many programs that focus on one or a few unique strategies that help create a better life, however if one is not taking a holistic approach to reducing stress, its like "shovelling snow in a snow storm". Without focus in several areas, a focus in only one or a couple will will result in limited results.

This doesn't mean a full frontal assault, on all areas that may need improvement. It means developing a reasonable plan that sets one up for success, over time. When we truly realize how stress is killing us, we are driven to take a different path or approach, but which one? Which will deliver the desired results the fastest? The truth is, as you likely have already guessed, there is no quick fix. It doesn't exist. But there are quick solutions that can provide immediatey relief.

In my coaching approach, we take a look at all areas of your life that are affected by stress and we develop a strategy to move out of the danger zones of red and black and towards the less impactfull yellow and greeen zones of stress. The world looks different in the green and yellow zones and those stuck in the red and black zones have forgotten what it feels like to be in the "healthier" zones.

My job as a stress coach or nature therapist essentialy is to support people in remembering their connection to the true healing qualities of nature. I "open the door" and nature does the healing.

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